If patients are interested in changing the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty) this can be performed simultaneously with the septal perforation repair. In fact, the best time to consider this procedure is at the same time for a few reasons. First, the approach is often similar for the two procedures. Secondly, the cartilage or fascia that may be needed to repair the perforation is often helpful for reshaping the nose as well. Lastly, patients can recover from both procedures at the same time.


During your consultation, Dr. Mehta would discuss your aesthetic concerns in detail and perform computer imaging, to give you a “sneak preview” of your new nose. You may refer to our Rhinoplasty page to learn more about this procedure.




Septal perforation repair is a challenging operation which requires careful attention to detail, meticulous technique and extensive training and experience. With his skilled hand and the use of the latest in technology, Dr. Mehta is able to maximize your chance of successful closure. To schedule your septal perforation repair consultation, please contact us.